Launched in 2014, Big Easy 'Bucha is New Orleans's first and only small-batch, artisanal, probiotic-packed kombucha.  Made with organic ingredients, kombucha - or fermented tea - is naturally raw, vegan and healthful.  A portion of our proceeds benefits local charities, like the St. Jude Community Center (a soup kitchen).

'Bucha Bios

Big Easy 'Bucha is the brainchild of Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman, a couple who met in New Orleans.  Austin's background as a bartender and bar consultant (he's worked locally at SoBou at the W Hotel) and Alexis's expertise in beverages and food (she's a Contributing Editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and a freelance writer for Fodor's, New Orleans Living Magazine, The Daily Meal, USA Today and The Travel Channel) have paid off:  They now make kombucha that's refreshing, healthy and delicious on its own, or in mixed drinks.



We are pleased to partner with great purveyors who feature our product such as The Green Fork, New Orleans Food Coop, Seed, Courtyard Brewing, 3 Potato 4 Potato, Bywater Square Market, and Good Eggs.

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