Artisanal Kombucha crafted in New Orleans


Here at Big Easy ’Bucha, we believe in serving our community by creating healthy Kombucha beverages—and pouring out a portion of the proceeds to benefit charities in New Orleans.

 So, what exactly is Kombucha? Kombucha is a refreshing fermented tea packed to the brim with probiotics (that means it’s great for your digestive and immune systems), not to mention delicious!

 Our Kombucha is naturally carbonated and lightly sweetened, making it the perfect alternative to sugary sodas. And while it’s a hot item on supermarket shelves today, Kombucha was thought to have originated in China, with some records dating it to 220 BC.

 Want to learn more about Big Easy ’Bucha or start sipping? Let us know how we may contact you.