Uniquely Southern Kombucha

Big Easy Bucha is Kombucha with New Orleans Flavor

Launched in 2014, Big Easy Bucha is New Orleans’ original artisanal, probiotic-packed kombucha.  Made with regionally-sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible, including juicy Ponchatoula strawberries, chicory coffee, and refreshing satsumas, kombucha – or fermented tea – is naturally raw, vegan, and healthful. Big Easy Bucha supports the health and well-being of Gulf Coast communities by sourcing from small farmers and pouring a portion of the proceeds from our beverages back into regional charities.

What is Kombucha?

Packed with probiotics and antioxidants, kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tea that’s good for your gut!
Kombucha is a refreshing, effervescent, fermented tea that is naturally sweetened but low in sugar, making it the perfect soda alternative.
And while it’s a hot item on supermarket shelves today, kombucha was thought to have originated in China, dating back to 220 B.C.
Big Easy Bucha kombucha is 100% natural. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners are ever used (including Stevia).
Our kombucha contains a trace amount of alcohol due to natural fermentation.
We do not use any powdered probiotics, concentrates, or extracts.
We support small farmers in the Gulf Coast region in the sourcing of our ingredients whenever possible.


Our Brewery

Visit Louisiana’s
first-ever kombucha brewery!

Big Easy Bucha is the largest commercial kombucha brewery in the Gulf South, located at 4040 Euphrosine Street, New Orleans, LA 70125. Guests can try our local kombucha libations on draft, fill up a growler, buy a Bucha T-shirt, or visit during a special event.

Hours: Monday-Thursday,

At The Heart Of Big Easy Bucha …

Big Easy Bucha is the brainchild of Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman, a couple who met and married in New Orleans. Austin’s background in real estate development and as a bar consultant (he has worked at bars in Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, and Tampa) and Alexis’s expertise in beverages and food (she’s a contributing Editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine and a writer for USA Today) have paid off:

They now make kombucha that’s refreshing, healthy, and delicious on its own, or in mixed drinks.

Community Outreach

A portion of our proceeds benefits charities based in the Southeastern United States, including St. Jude Community Center (a soup kitchen) judeshrine.com , Grow Dat Youth Farm (an urban farm) growdatyouthfarm.org, and Second Harvest Food Bank (a food bank) no-hunger.org

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